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With over 7 years in the hosting industry, Codepecker has built a solid reputation as one of the emerging web hosting service provider in Bangladesh. Backed up by long experience, we know just what you are looking for in a hosting provider- stability and scalability.

Our hosting solutions are engineered for powerful and reliable performance online- exactly what you need to keep your brand up and running in the world of web. From shared and dedicated hosting to SSL certificates and web security and backup, you can count on our solutions to provide 99.95% uptime and availability whenever, wherever!

Shared Web Hosting

Hosting is our first passion and it remains to be to this date. Our shared web hosting packages allow the flexibility you need to execute your online strategies effectively. Whether it’s for a personal website or a corporate one, with a hosting solution powered by Cloud Linux, you don’t have to worry about your space!

Dedicated Server Hosting

If full control is what you want to achieve in your hosting, going for dedicated server hosting is for you. These mean machines offer a much higher level of performance, speed, and control allowing you to cater all things web- from sites to private clouds.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the most widely-used CMS and platform for creating websites; its popularity among user make it a constant target for vulnerabilities. But no need to fret, with our WordPress Hosting solutions, you can get hosting, web security, and backup as an all-inclusive package!

SSL Certificates

With Google planning to flag down unsecured websites come 2017, now is the time to get a headstart by getting an SSL certificate. Through this, your website will be a more secure environment for you and your customers. Give your clients another reason to trust your brand online!

Benefits of Codepecker’s Hosting service

  • Support

    We take care our client with excellent support. If anything goes wrong with the website hosting server or email server … it’s our problem, not yours. You contact us and we get to the bottom of it.

  • Hosting

    The storage that your website sits in. Storage for all web files, accessible all the time, almost. It isn’t realistic (or honest) to promise 100% uptime for your website. We promise 98% uptime of the server over the year; the 2% downtime will be due to server updates/upgrades which need to be done to make sure that your hosting is as up-to-date as possible. Generally, any issues tend to be down to a client’s mobile device settings or Internet connection.

  • All-you-can-eat Monthly Bandwidth

    No matter how busy your site gets, your bandwidth allowance will mean that it’ll load without problems. You’ll be on a server that’s only capped by the number of specific users, not by the amount of information being requested.

  • Server Security

    Responsibility for server security and keeping the hosting platform protected from Internet threats falls to our hosting service. All server software is kept up-to-date and firewall technology is used to monitor against attack. So it’s our problem and responsibility, not yours!

  • Secure Server Access

    You can host with us, but get your own web guy to work on your site if you wish! We won’t get offended. We offer secure access to anyone you wish, to edit the backend server functionality.

  • Webmail

    All of your accounts can be logged into remotely OR accessed by your smart phone; so if you’re away from your computer, you’ll still be able to answer that important email.

  • Unlimited email Forwarders

    Would you like to have the same mailbox (for example,, but wish to give different email addresses? No problem! We can arrange for sales@ or deals@ to send straight to your info@ address.

  • Unlimited email Responders

    You may know this feature from using your personal webmail or previous work account. Not only can you enable an “out of the office” or “I’ve popped on holiday” auto response, you can also instruct us to do it for you. Another good use of this feature, and the one above, is if you’ve had to let someone go in the company. You could have all their mail forwarded to you from that point onwards AND you could have an auto responder stating that the person is no longer their point of contact and that their mail will be dealt with in a timely manner.

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