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The all-in-one solution for small business management

Your website is not just an online billboard! With the advent of technology, you can now use your online presence as an avenue to carry out specific business operations.

With Codepecker’s web application and mobile application development, you can now maximize your website’s ability with custom apps and systems. More than your website’s overall look and function, it can also be a source of reliable speed, compatibility, security, scalability and positive customer experience. Count on our professional and highly-skilled developers and programmers to create web systems apps specifically designed to fulfill your business objectives and make your website easier to use for you and your clients!

The Affordable Retail POS: Easy to operate, fun to use.


Your store is charming, and your cash register should be too! Whether you’re a hardware store, vape shop, high-end boutique, or the only store on your street. The Pose small business POS enables centralized management of your sales reports, employees, and customers.


Booths, Stands & Fairs

You can take your POS with you on the road. Pose is an intuitive point-of-sale solution, even on the go! All you need is an internet connection and laptop or tablet to ring up sales, store customer data, and send email receipts.


Pose adapts to your service-based business with simple checkout and loyalty programs to make your customers happy. Pose is the ideal point-of-sale for your small retail clothing store, gym, pet shop, jewelry store, or interior design business.



For quick checkout, easy ordering and multiple work stations, Pose will blend as brilliantly as a smoothie and maintain the steady running of your cafe.

Key Features of our retail POS

Any platform

We don’t pick favorites. Start using Pose POS with virtually any computer, laptop, or tablet. We even have a native iPad app!

Cloud-based POS

All your data is stored in the cloud, so you never have to worry about your losing data… or your mind.


Paper or plastic? Whether you need to swipe a credit card or print a receipt, Pose is compatible with a variety of peripherals

Inventory Management

Checking on your current stock. Monitor, when things are solid, received and get notifications when you are running low.

Generate Invoice

It is easy to generate invoice and keep tracking. Just need one click to print your invoice.

Get reports

End-of-day sales reports at a click. Easily and always accessible information to save you time, and wrinkles.

Customer Management

Store and build your customer information to know exactly what they buy and when. It’s simple to add, edit, and to search customers. Personalize your service and receipts, as well as, email marketing to build repeat business.

Tax Management

Easily create either individual or multi-line taxes, add taxes to items, and choose to include/exclude them from orders to automate your tax maintenance and reduce chances of human error.


Have full control of features and access to data for all or individual stores and registers in your company.

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